Car Mechanical Repair Services Dubai

Car Mechanical Repair Services Dubai

Car Mechanical Repair

Any mechanical damage to an automobile part is unavoidable and perhaps dangerous. They can happen without knowledge and disrupt a beautiful day, anytime, anywhere. But the good thing is that these damages are reparable and, after full-service, your car is as fit as new. AWS-UAE, the car service center in Dubai, has mastered the art of fixing many mechanical car problems to ensure your vehicle’s performance is as per the standard for its make and model. All you have to do is simply describe the symptoms your car is showing, such as: the vehicle is pulling to the left or right, On the road, there is an abnormal body or steering vibration. Squealing or spongy brakes, Poor pick up. Cluster signs are on, Under chassis harshness and noise, Poor air conditioning inside the cabin, Leakages delay in gear shifting, Overheating of the engine and transmission. To check and repair all these problems, we have a team of professionals, tools, equipment, and expertise to fix any sort of automobile mechanical problem as mentioned above and more. We’ll answer by offering you the best solution for your car problem, allowing you to choose the most affordable, convenient, and viable service. Visit our local workshop in your region for a high-quality car mechanical repair service!

Our Mechanical Service Include

  • Engine Overhauling/Repair
  • Transmission Overhauling/Repair
  • Suspension Repair
  • Any Minor Services
  • Steering Wheel Repairs
  • Cambelt Replacement
  • All Major Services
  • Brakes Replacement
  • Exhaust Replacement
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Flat Tire
  • Car Battery

Reasons Why Choose Our Car Repair Services

  • Highly experienced and Certified team of Technicians
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Experienced Multi-Brand Service & Repair Center in the UAE
  • Advanced Diagnostic Equipment and Automotive Computer Software
  • Accessible branches across the region
  • Reliability and Trusted for Generations