Car Oil Change Service Dubai

Car Oil Change Service Dubai

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Car Oil  Change Service in Dubai

All automobiles need regular maintenance to ensure high-end performance and avoid any inconvenience while on the road. Engine oil keeps all parts of a car in running condition and prevents all sorts of wear and tear. The car oil change is a routine task because engine oil expires, and the lubricating ability of the oil decreases over time, causing resistance and making a vehicle prone to accidents and other lethal auto-part damages. At AWS-UAE, we offer quick and reliable oil change services in Dubai, UAE. We use the best quality products as we are fully aware of the fact that low-grade automobile products not only compromise your car’s health but also put a strain on your pocket. We use quality oil brands like Mobil 1 and Matrax and can handle all of your car’s oil changes, from regular to high-mileage, synthetic blend, and fully synthetic. Our experienced mechanical engineers use their field-learned knowledge to examine your car’s engine’s health and also inform you on a scheduled basis when your vehicle needs an oil change. We also offer courtesy vehicle inspections along with regular services. Browse our listed services and send us an inquiry today.

Our Oil Change Services

Our oil change service comprises of two oil change packages that include:


Minor Oil Change Packages
The Minor package uses the proper quality of mineral, semisynthetic, or fully synthetic oil for your car, as specified by the manufacturer, and helps to extend the life of your vehicle’s engine, which is normally required every 7500 to 15000 kilometers. Includes:
  • Up to 12 liters of Conventional Motor Oil
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection
Major Oil Change Packages
The Major package uses the appropriate grade of mineral, semisynthetic, or fully synthetic oil for your vehicle, as specified by the manufacturer, and contributes to extending the life of your vehicle’s engine, which is usually recommended between 7500kms and 15000kms intervals, as well as air filter and AC filter replacement. Includes:
  • Up to five liters of Matrax synthetic/semi synthetic oil
  • Oil Filter, Air filter and AC filter replacement
  • Tread depth and tire pressure check
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection
Manufacturers have different oil change intervals. We suggest that you stick to the oil and filter change intervals specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Oil that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s specifications will be installed by AWS-UAE. AWS-UAE kindly disposes of all previously used motor oil as part of our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint.

How It Works?

In the UAE, AWS-UAE is your first choice for auto car service. Our technology provides you with real-time service updates, inspection photos, and educational repair videos, as well as the ability to approve extra repairs directly from your phone. If we discover any issues, we will notify you as soon as possible so that you may make an informed decision. When we’re finished, you’ll be notified that your vehicle is ready to drive.

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